Kind Words

We are so blessed to work with hardworking and talented clients.
Here are some of their kind words about working with Vale Design.


A great designer has the ability to develop a look and feel for your brand and product that you never knew you were in search of. You see this concept and idea that’s been rolling around in your head, that you haven’t quite been able to express, suddenly come to life through visuals like logos, fonts, colors and photos and WHAM… it’s like they just “get you”! This is what Vale Design means to us.  They brought our story and brand to life, visually.

I had the pleasure of working with Erin in both my corporate life and again, post "9 to 5" when my husband and I left the corporate world and became entrepreneurs. We purchased an existing hospitality business that hadn’t seen a design update in over 20 years and was in dire need of a refresh. We had a general idea of where we wanted to go, but no idea where to start the process. So I called Erin.

Erin listened. And listened some more. She got to know our short and long-term goals, our dreams for this new venture.  She learned the history of the home, and studied photos of architectural design I’d randomly text to her. She learned a bit more about the area we live in. After listening, she asked questions, which told us she really cared and wanted to be sure she did right by this project…

She set design priorities that helped us reach our goals. She didn’t fill pages with fluff to check boxes. Instead, she listened to our needs and the final result was a toolbox filled with the right tools to market our new business, and that allows us to represent ourselves – regardless of the platform – in an authentic, credible, joy-filled way.  

Could we have gone with another design firm that “knows and understands this industry”?  Sure. Would we have wound up with the result Erin provided?  Nope. She and her team care about every email they send and phone call they make to you.  They care about EVERY design they put in front of you (from a logo to your brand’s favicon, to your social media cover photo).  We weren’t a number or a project without a face. And that’s something when you’ve entrusted a designer to put a visual brand on that dream and business you’re building.

Jennifer, The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast


The first minor vision of what I saw for my first company
could not have prepared me for the “magic,” as I have just no other way to describe the creative mind, that Erin has. There is something enchanting about watching your dreams come to life in a brand that becomes your own, your little signature on the world. I cannot express the gratitude I have for the uncanny ability she has for putting my thoughts, my vision and the direction of my company in such a way that speaks to the rest of the world. I have had the privilege of working with Erin on two brands so far and a third is in the works. I will never choose another graphic designer. From the beginning stages to the end product, each step is professional, creative, timely and straightforward. Thank you for making me look so good!

Kelly, Le Dolce Vita Patisserie & Union Baking Co


I love my logo and my marketing materials that go with it.
The process was so easy and I feel like Erin completely
understood what I needed to communicate to my target market. I get compliments on the name and logo all the time. Since I have been using my new identity, my business has grown substantially. I couldn't have done it without her!

Sonja, Moonbug Photography


The journey to brand my business with Erin was informative
and enjoyable. I went into the process knowing the name
I wanted along with services to be offered. With Erin’s help
the name was changed slightly to present a stronger and
more professional image. Then we started with the visual story I wanted to tell. Working through the mood board process she was able to nail it down exactly! She researched and designed logo alternatives. With the name Lamplight Business Solutions LLC, there was an obvious choice for the main component of the logo. But what one and where and how to place it was truly a journey. 
All of the above being said Erin was sensitive to the image
I wanted to project for the business. Her professionalism and
skills helped me to refine it. I have had very positive feedback regarding my logo and website. She gets it and I would recommend working with her. She was instrumental in making Lamplight a business, not a hobby.

Lillian, Lamplight Business Solutions