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Customer perception is key to a solid brand. That perception starts with a professionally designed logo.
We work hard to design unique, one-of-a-kind illustrated logos for each of our brands.


This is for
women entrepreneurs who:

- want an impactful, one-of-a-kind brand that respects your budget and your timeline.

- want a clear, cohesive brand that your customers trust and represents your business vision.

- want a professional brand that stands out from your competition.

- want support materials to keep your brand consistent and legitimate across all platforms in your industry.


- Client Questionnaire
- Moodboards  (1 - 2 boards)
- Logo Design  (3 - 4 concepts)
- 1 round of revisions to 1 logo design
- Business card design (print cost not

- Up to 5 social media images of
  your new design to share



Typically takes 4 weeks depending on the client.


Brands we helped build


"I get compliments on the name and logo all the time.
Since I have been using my new identity,
my business has grown substantially." 

Sonja, Owner - Moonbug Photography, Indianapolis, IN


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