The simplest thing to do when you are stressed out in business

The simplest thing to do when you are stressed out in business

We all know that when you run a small business, 1 - 5 people, you wear many hats. You may be the accountant, brand manager, IT person, marketing manager, etc. And that is on top of running your businesses.

I recently had a client confess to me that she was stressed out about a website phase we were in. She was overwhelmed and had moved into decision and opinion paralysis. Her mind had completely shut down and she could not tap into her creativity. We talked through it and I told her something that I feel strongly about as a business owner and why I feel like my business has been successful throughout the years.

I told her this:

“When you are stressed out, hire it out.”

One of my favorite business voices, Marie Forleo, has been know to say “everything is figureoutable.” I love this and I love to solve a problem (also one of my strength finder strengths), BUT, I also know when I am in over my head, and when I move into decision and opinion paralysis. I hate that feeling. Everything feels bleak and like everything I do does not work and it makes me feel like awful.

Business, technology, heck, information in general is moving so quickly these days. It is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to wear all the hats, at once and wear them well. Time is precious and you should be focusing on your clients and what you do best.

Do not be afraid to collaborate with someone who is an expert in the exact area that is causing your paralysis. My client was frustrated with the important services description copy for her information page that would quickly sum up her business for her ideal customers. She was feeling stressed about coming up with the perfect copy for her clients.

I recommended that she hire out that specific page copy out to a professional writer. She was already working with a writer who was familiar with her brand and her field  I suggested she run it past this writer to see if she would be interested in a quick job. The writer was happy to help. Done! Crossed off her list! My client was able to move out of paralysis and get back to feeling empowered and moving forward.

Hire it out. Shake it off your shoulders and cross it off your to do list. You will feel like you made a truly boss decision for your company and a wellness decision for yourself.

If you are overwhelmed with trying to create a website, hire it out. If you need a professional headshot, hire it out. If you are too busy to keep up with social media, hire it out.

Note: you do not need a huge budget to hire out. Find a college student fresh out of school. They are desperate and hungry for work. Barter with someone. Offer your expertise in a specific service for a trade for their expertise and service. Win win for both of your businesses and you might make an important business connection for future use.

Hire it out. It will be done correctly by an expert. You will feel less stress, less anxiety and will be able to get back to focusing on your own area of expertise and business serving your clients to the best of your focused abilities. Hiring it out will help you move out of decision and opinion paralysis and get you back to work!


Are you staring at your website, logo or brand and feel like you have decision and opinion paralysis? You know you need a website re-design, but you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, scared of the tech part, and don’t know where to start. Hire it out!

We are currently booking clients for second quarter 2018. We are booked for April. We have 1 opening available for May and 2 openings for June.

Let's work together! Contact us right away to reserve your spot. We book up quickly!

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

I love my job! For the past 17 years, I have been able to design and collaborate with large corporations, small businesses and start-ups. I love the challenge of listening to or reading the client brief and trying to answer their problem with a creative branding solution. 1 + 1 = logo. 2 + 2 = brand. 3 + 3 = website.

No, branding is not rocket science, but we brand designers have enticed you to buy your favorite dress, lured you into a store for your favorite beverage and made you choose that healthy food product over the one right next to it in the grocery store. So in a small way, yes, branding is creative rocket science :)

I have worked on all platforms of branding from packaging, print and website design. Recently, I have aimed all of my branding passion and energy toward social media design and marketing strategy. It combines my 3 loves. Branding. Photoshop and Creative Problem Solving. How do you accurately and informatively represent a brand in a small amount of visual space against an infinite sea of social media imagery on the internet?

Here's how. 

Social media branding and design is best implemented with categories and I am going to tell you the top 9 categories that your business should be implementing and using right now in your social media marketing strategy. These categories will build trust, increase follower engagement, and educate your followers about your business and brand.

Let's get to the categories! I am going to use my design work for Angelcare social media as visual examples for you throughout this post.

1. Giveaway / Partnership

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

Hosting or participating in a giveaway is a great way to engage your followers and educate them about your brand and your products. Partnering with other businesses in your field or related to your field is an excellent way for increased reach and exposure to new followers. If your company is smaller, think about reaching out to partner with a larger company. Politely ask them and let them know what you have to offer with this suggested partnership. Feature their logo and products along with yours in the giveaway post image. 

Your business could solely host a giveaway. You could ask your followers to repost the giveaway and by doing so be entered into winning a special product or service. This is a great way to really get your followers into action mode and engaged. Chances are they will re-post to their friends who are interested in the same types of products and you will increase your followers.

Make it a point to engage with your followers also. If they repost, post a thank you comment to them. If they comment on the product, respond to them and answer any questions or concerns they might have.

2. Product Spotlight

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

You know you have amazing products or services. Now tell your followers about them! In detail. Choose one product at a time and showcase them in a post. Call out 2 or 3 top features and bullet point them on the actual image. Or place the product in front of a lifestyle image in the background. Choose a simple image that evokes a feeling, but does not draw attention away from your product.

Inform your followers what you have to offer and how they will benefit from this product or service.

One of my favorite pastry shops in Indy, Gallery Pastry Shop, features Macarons on special for $1 every Wednesday. So every Wednesday, they showcase a gorgeous Macaron shot on their Instagram. Makes me want to jump in my car and go get one every time I see that Wednesday product shot!

3. Deals / Sales

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

This one is important. If you have a product or service going on sale, post about it! If you have a product on sale in a brick n mortar store or the store is offering a gift card in a certain amount, let your followers know. If you are moving out older product to make room for new inventory, let your followers know.

Example, if you are a brick n mortar store selling clothes, post pictures of the items for sale and list your store hours in the caption below. Mention "going fast" or "we are only open until 5 pm today!" This will create a sense of panic with your followers and you bet someone will drive to your store to pick up that item, plus probably purchase a matching skirt, earrings and maybe a purse as well (this works on me all the time!).

4. Owner / Employee Feature / Charities

Tell your followers about your business owner and employees. Let them know what human being(s) are behind their favorite products. Let them into your lives, passions, favorite things, least favorite things, dogs, kids, vacations, fun facts, etc. Chances are your followers will fall in love with your business and products even more when they learn their favorite company is run by awesome people.

Also, if your company partners with or donates to specific charities, post about that! If your business gives back, educate your followers on why you feel passionate about giving back and why you chose that specific charity. We need more "good" on social media. Post about it. Post about your end of year goals to donate how much and get your company to that organization in person when you donate the money. Celebrate! Post pictures!


9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

Hello! Who doesn't love a good quote?! They are such tasty little nuggets of wisdom. 

Here are my design recommendations for quotes. Keep them on brand (example above shows candy on the brand color). Choose quotes that speak to your business vision and brand words. For example, I work solely with women entrepreneurs, so I feature quotes by inspirational women throughout history on my Instagram feed. If you run a restaurant or food business, maybe feature quotes from famous chefs.

Design wise, I prefer when quotes have solid color backgrounds, especially in Instagram. When you are viewing someone's Instagram grid, a solid background color, again on brand, gives your eye a visual resting spot. A grid full of images only makes my eye blur and I don't really look at all the pictures. The color block allows the eye a chance to stop.

6. Lifestyle Images

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

Social media design is heavy imagery, hello Instagram. But when you feature lifestyle imagery, again, make sure it is on brand. If you sell baby products, your social media strategy could consist of heavy kiddo shots, little fingers and toes, little ears and noses, baby blankets, shoes and clothing, parents snuggling babies, siblings holding hands, etc. Brainstorm an array of on brand imagery for your feed so your followers do not become visually bored.

As a designer, I love to view Instagram grids that feature half staged images and the other half candids. Don't show me all the perfect. Mix in the real life as well. It helps me relate with those brands better.

7. Flat Lay Photography

Flat lays are a simple way to showcase a product(s), tell a story and engage your followers. Flat lays are shots taken from directly above.

Tips for shooting a flat lay:

  • consider your background color
  • please please please style the shot
  • pay attention to the lighting
  • consider the crop
  • consider how close to photograph the items
  • always use the rule of thirds - makes for a more professional and interesting shot

8. Blog Support

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

Your business has a blog right?! Please say yes! Blog posts educate and entertain readers. Social media is a great way to point your readers to your blog for more information about your business and brand. Post a teaser image and caption it "click the link to learn more."  

The design of your blog and social media platforms should be branded. When a follower links over from your social media platform, they should see the same colors, imagery, fonts, etc. Repetition and cohesion build customer trust when it comes to branding. 

9. Awards / Accolades / Features

9 ultimate social media categories you need to know for your business - Vale Design

You know your business is awesome. Inform your followers about any special awards or accolades your company has received. Let them know that your business is reputable and has been recognized for it's talents, products and services.

If your business or a product has been featured in a magazine, social media is a great way to announce this. I have designed many "magazine page posts" featuring the magazine title, cover and inside page with call out product.

If your product or business has won an award from a well known website, post that and a picture of the award image if you have access to it.

There are so many businesses out in the world. Let your followers know and see that your business is one of the best!

Again, if they comment on your post, make sure you respond and engage with them. Engagement is crucial for a brand and helps you stand out.


Working with clients on social media design strategies and imagery is one of my favorite things. Social media places your business, product and services in front of millions of potential followers. The visual competition is fierce. Don't kid yourself, your imagery is being judged and with it your business. Put your best branded images out there for your existing followers and the new followers you want to gain. Social media is a huge facet of your brand. 

If you need help with your social media design, please feel free to contact me. We can discuss your current social media marketing strategy and what design changes I would recommend and can implement for your business.

What other social media categories does your business use? Which categories are your favorites? Which categories do you not like? I would love to know!