The simplest thing to do when you are stressed out in business

The simplest thing to do when you are stressed out in business

We all know that when you run a small business, 1 - 5 people, you wear many hats. You may be the accountant, brand manager, IT person, marketing manager, etc. And that is on top of running your businesses.

I recently had a client confess to me that she was stressed out about a website phase we were in. She was overwhelmed and had moved into decision and opinion paralysis. Her mind had completely shut down and she could not tap into her creativity. We talked through it and I told her something that I feel strongly about as a business owner and why I feel like my business has been successful throughout the years.

I told her this:

“When you are stressed out, hire it out.”

One of my favorite business voices, Marie Forleo, has been know to say “everything is figureoutable.” I love this and I love to solve a problem (also one of my strength finder strengths), BUT, I also know when I am in over my head, and when I move into decision and opinion paralysis. I hate that feeling. Everything feels bleak and like everything I do does not work and it makes me feel like awful.

Business, technology, heck, information in general is moving so quickly these days. It is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to wear all the hats, at once and wear them well. Time is precious and you should be focusing on your clients and what you do best.

Do not be afraid to collaborate with someone who is an expert in the exact area that is causing your paralysis. My client was frustrated with the important services description copy for her information page that would quickly sum up her business for her ideal customers. She was feeling stressed about coming up with the perfect copy for her clients.

I recommended that she hire out that specific page copy out to a professional writer. She was already working with a writer who was familiar with her brand and her field  I suggested she run it past this writer to see if she would be interested in a quick job. The writer was happy to help. Done! Crossed off her list! My client was able to move out of paralysis and get back to feeling empowered and moving forward.

Hire it out. Shake it off your shoulders and cross it off your to do list. You will feel like you made a truly boss decision for your company and a wellness decision for yourself.

If you are overwhelmed with trying to create a website, hire it out. If you need a professional headshot, hire it out. If you are too busy to keep up with social media, hire it out.

Note: you do not need a huge budget to hire out. Find a college student fresh out of school. They are desperate and hungry for work. Barter with someone. Offer your expertise in a specific service for a trade for their expertise and service. Win win for both of your businesses and you might make an important business connection for future use.

Hire it out. It will be done correctly by an expert. You will feel less stress, less anxiety and will be able to get back to focusing on your own area of expertise and business serving your clients to the best of your focused abilities. Hiring it out will help you move out of decision and opinion paralysis and get you back to work!


Are you staring at your website, logo or brand and feel like you have decision and opinion paralysis? You know you need a website re-design, but you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, scared of the tech part, and don’t know where to start. Hire it out!

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