Quick Tips: Instagram: Schedule ahead

Vale Design - Instagram Tip - Schedule Ahead

Quick Tips is a series that is dedicated to educate readers in as few words as possible. No long drawn out posts that have you skimming for large headlines. Quick Tips gets to the point and lets you get on with your busy schedule!

INSTAGRAM TIP #11: SCHEDULE AHEAD: Save yourself time and make life easier!

Schedule your Instagram (and other social media) posts ahead of time! There are so many apps out there to help.

Check out @buffer @preview.app or @hootsuite

I like to schedule my posts all at once on my computer in @hootsuite . Then the Hootesuite app on my phone reminds when it is time to post to Instagram and pretty much does all the work for me.

1. Simple
2. Saves me time
3. Helps me post more consistently!