Quick Tips: Instagram: Design your grid

Vale Design - Instagram Tip 10 - Design Your Grid

Quick Tips is a series that is dedicated to educate readers in as few words as possible. No long drawn out posts that have you skimming for large headlines. Quick Tips gets to the point and lets you get on with your busy schedule!

INSTAGRAM TIP #10: DESIGN YOUR GRID: Do NOT think about your Instagram images one-at-a-time. Think about them as a piece of your whole grid. When new followers see your account, they see your whole grid. Use that as a design element.

How do your images work together? You could have your left column be quotes, your center column could be services / products, your right column could be lifestyle. Or you could have quotes in a diagonal line. Or you could post randomly. Or you could post projects in groupings (what I am experimenting with right now!) Experiment with your grid design!