Quick Tips: Instagram: Business 80% Rule

Vale Design _ Instagram Tip - Business 80% Rule

Quick Tips is a series that is dedicated to educate readers in as few words as possible. No long drawn out posts that have you skimming for large headlines. Quick Tips gets to the point and lets you get on with your busy schedule!

INSTAGRAM TIP #12: BUSINESS 80% RULE: Showcase what you want to be known for! If your business is on Instagram, then at least 80% of your post images should show your products and/or services.

Followers are potential customers and they should be able to QUICKLY identify your business products and/or services by your post content. Don't confuse them by posting irrelevant content.

When people visit the Vale Design Instagram account, they will see logos, brand work, moodboards and social media design work and tips because I am known for branding and social media design. I sprinkle in quotes, family shots and book recs.