Remember that you are unique - a lesson in self discovery


I have had this blog topic scribbled in my blog content journal for a while now. After reading the speech that Pink made at the VMAs last night, I thought it was time to birth this blog post.

First, let me say this, I LOVE Pink. I have loved her since her first song. I love that she has never looked like anyone else. She never conforms. She always taps into her own creativity and stands by the final artistic result. She makes people feel uncomfortable in a good way, a way that makes us check in with ourselves and our beliefs. I love that kind of person!

Now to the topic at hand. I wish I could tell you how many times a woman I have worked with or for has mentioned to me that she is "not special enough" to have a blog or to write a blog post. Or how many times I have heard, "well I am just a housewife, stay-at-home mom, don't have pink hair, nothing that makes me stand out from the rest of the world, just starting my business, don't have anything to offer, etc." Those statements crack my soul slowly. is time to stop saying things like that.

We are ALL special. We are ALL unique. We are ALL snowflakes. No two of us are alike. We can all take simple steps to identify our own uniqueness. We can all find ways to share our uniqueness with others. To show them that we all do not have to be alike. To show people the VALUE of being unique, different and accepting of each other.


ACTION ITEM: Take some time and journal a list of what positive characteristics people have mentioned to you in the past. If this seems impossible or is bringing up negative feelings in anyway, limit your list to 1-3 items. Everyone can find 1-3 items that are unique and special about themselves. If you can not do this for yourself, call in reinforcements. Call or email your trusted friends who know you best and ask them to help you. It is not selfish to ask someone to help you through this exercise. Your tribe will be more than happy to raise you up and celebrate you. It could even be a stranger who mentioned something to you years ago. It might even be something you were bullied for as a child. Kids have a way of sniffing out and calling out different. Those "different" traits can now be celebrated and embraced as an adult!

Did an elementary school teacher tell you you had excellent penmanship? Did the grocery store clerk mention how lovely your nails always look? Did another mom at afternoon pick up comment on how effortlessly you dress every day? Did someone thank you for sharing your favorite recipe at the office luncheon? Are you awesome at DIY? Can you organize like no one else? Do you meal plan like a pro? Do you know the cheapest trendiest places to shop in your town? Do you love to go out to eat and know all the coolest restaurants in your area? Are you a dog or baby whisperer? Do you love to sing? Are you a ballet dancer? The list in infinite, but you need to take some time and learn about yourself.

ACTION ITEM: Plan a monthly tribe gathering where instead of roasting someone you celebrate them! Shower them with love and help them feel special and unique.


• Do you have a beautiful eye color? Make eye contact and smile at people.
• Do you make the best apple pie? Make that delicious apple pie and surprise a friend or elderly person in your church who is lonely and alone.
• Do you have a way with words? Write and snail mail (yes, with a stamp) 3 cards to people who need to be reminded how special THEY are.
• Do you take amazing photographs? Photograph your friend's children for free, or better yet, make it a surprise for a her birthday!
• Do you love to decorate your home for a certain holiday or season? Have friends over for a potluck or a simple wine and cheese party during that holiday or season.
• Do you have a gift of public speaking? Hold a free class to give shy people some pointers on how you are able harness your fears.
• Do you plan fun adventures for your kids? Invite a friend and her kids along to your next great adventure and experience new things together.
• Do you love school carpool? Offer to pick up your friend's kids during carpool so she does not have to.
• Do you make a really nice salary? Find 3 charities to donate your money and your time to.
• Do you have a smile that literally lights up a room? Visit someone in a nursing home.
• Are you really good at managing your finances? Start a blog with all of your tips and tricks.
• Do you love to read? Start an Instagram feed that only features images of books you love and recommend.
• Did you adopt a child or foster a child? Write a blog post on your website or guest post for someone else and share your positive and negative experience through the process.

Do you see where I am going with this? You do not need to be famous or "internet famous" to be special and unique. You only need to find those things that make YOU unique. Those traits that make YOU a gift to the rest of us. Then harness your uniqueness and powers for good! An act of kindness can go a long way in healing this world.

Our differences are what make us unique and special. They are not things to feel bad about or even feared by others. The world would be so BORING if we were all the same! Imagine if everything in the world was only black and white and the only font we ever used was Helvetica. BORING!

Now here are my 11 fun facts that make!


1 - I am claustrophobic
2 - I am terrified of spiders and ticks
3 - I am allergic to shitake mushrooms
4 - I LOVE military helicopters and take rides in them every chance I get!
5 - I am an avid reader
6 - I thrive on adventures
7 - My secret love is Hallmark movies, especially their Christmas movies (They start before Halloween this year!)
8 - Asian food is my comfort food
9 - I love watching historical documentaries
10 - I LOVE fun facts! (I wish people told each other fun facts instead of where they work)
11 - 11 is my favorite number :)
12 - BONUS - I have my 100 hour YTT certification (yoga teacher training)

ACTION ITEM: Find one unique quality about yourself today. Post it on Instagram. Blog about it. Journal about it and keep it private for later. Just find it. Embrace it. We love you for it! Be Unique. Be You.