Why I only offer offsite freelance


I have been a graphic designer for 17 years. Of those 17 years, I have been a freelance designer for 12 years. I have worked offsite 99.5% of those 12 years, and my corporate clients have been excited about my deliverables and keep my schedule booked.

My corporate clients are mainly Brand and Marketing Managers. They have tight deadlines and their designers are swamped with branding projects. Product catalogs, sell sheets, social media design, web masthead designs, brochures, etc. They know they need a freelancer, but they are not in the mood, nor do they have time, to micromanage the freelancer. They just want an extra set of experienced design hands to get the job done well.



I know my creative process. I know that I need time around my house to wash dishes, do laundry, tidy up the family room before I even sit down in front of my computer. Wait. What?! How is that part of it you ask? I have noticed over the years that I need my environment (I work from a home office) to be organized and clean. I need to know that when I am working on a design project that my home and family will not fall apart for a couple of days. I fully operate from the "cluttered desk is a cluttered mind" school of thought. I also know that I need my environment to be extremely quiet when I am working. If I listen to music, it is basically yoga music and soft in the background. My dog is usually asleep and my daughter is at the babysitter's house. Clean house. Quiet office. Focused designer.


I think this point is key for working offsite and such a perk of being a freelancer. I know when I am naturally creative. I know after years of forcing moments of creativity, when I am most naturally inspired to work. My first "creative peak" is from 9 am until about 3 pm. Then I need a break. That break looks like running errands, going on a walk with my dog, snuggling with my daughter and/or getting dinner ready. Then I have another "creative peak" from 8 pm until 10 pm. After 10 pm is reserved for fiction book reading only. No business books and no podcasts. Nothing that will keep my brain turning. Sleep is imperative to my creativity.

I am 100% more productive during these "creative peaks" then when I am naturally uninspired or do not feel like sitting at my computer. If I try to design during one of my off peak hours, it is like pulling teeth and the end design is not as impactful or advanced. I will only deliver my absolute best work to my clients.


I know what hours in the day I am naturally creative. Therefore I am only designing during those hours. I am not distracted by anything around me and I am laser focused on my projects. I am able to get more work done in less amount of time.

Client benefit: high caliber work in less time = less micromanaging and less money from their budget.

This is why I do not even offer onsite freelance. I know that if I work offsite, my clients are guaranteed high caliber design solutions that meet their deadlines with less billable hours against their budget and less micromanaging which keeps them on their deadlines.

Happy clients are returning clients!