What to Expect Series: Onboarding your Brand Identity Project


What to Expect Series is a series designed to remove confusion and anxiety for potential clients about starting a Brand Identity project with Vale Design. These posts will describe what your project will look like from initial client inquiry email to final file release. No more guesswork needed!

You, a potential client, have an impactful, insightful and exciting business, but you do not feel like your brand vision matches your brand visuals. You need a new brand or a brand re-design.

You may feel:

• Confused where to begin
• Nervous about what the designer will ask you to do?
• Will the designer respect my budget and timeline?
• What will the project look like?
• How long will the project take?
• What will I get for the money that I am investing in this project?

You should know:

• I only work with 1 Brand Identity client per month. This ensures that every Brand Identity project receives one-on-one attention and focus and ensures that we stay on time, on budget and have the opportunity to create some kick ass visuals to help your brand stand out in your competitive industry.

The first phase of starting a Brand Identity project with Vale Design is Onboarding Your Project. This phase is broken down into 5 steps in my project management tool, Asana. Let's take a closer look of what you can expect.

1. Client inquiry email

As a potential client, I would recommend that you review the Vale Design portfolio and the Vale Design Brand Identity page for pricing and brief project details. If all of this is exciting to you and you are interested in gathering more information about working together, simply contact me through the contact form in the top navigation menu. I will follow up with you within 1-2 business days.

2. Email or phone conversation

We will set up a time to have a more detailed conversation about your Brand Identity project, wants, needs and timing. At that point we will decide if Vale Design is the right fit for your project. (I hope it is because I LOVE working with new and exciting companies!)

3. Contract sent & signed

If you decide that Vale Design is the right fit and are excited to get on my schedule, I will email a contract for you to sign. The contract explains your project in more detail. There will be financial costs and payment breakdowns, project due date and some fine print to read.

4. Initial payment received

Vale Design requires 50% of the project final cost up front before the project begins. This payment is required and must be received before your project will move onto my schedule. This ensures that everyone who is on my schedule is ready to get to work! Your initial payment will cover fonts and stock imagery that might be used and design time.

5. Placed on schedule & project timeline

Once your initial payment has been received, you will be placed on the Vale Design schedule. The sooner your payment is received, the sooner your project will be scheduled. Once your project is on the schedule, I will email you a projected timeline. This schedule will include design phases, presentations, client feedback due dates, revision due dates and final file release dates. The timeline is a flexible timeline. Life happens and we may need to adjust here and there as we go, but for the most part we will try to stay on schedule to respect everyone's time.

There you have it! Onboarding Your Project will Vale Design is easy paperwork and details up front. Now we can get ready for the good stuff...the design work!

If you would like to work together or have any additional questions about working with Vale Design, simply contact me!