Quick Tips: Instagram: Category Brainstorm


Quick Tips is a series that is dedicated to educate readers in as few words as possible. No long drawn out posts that have you skimming for large headlines. Quick Tips gets to the point and lets you get on with your busy schedule!

Instagram Tip 4: Category Brainstorm

Set a timer for 30 minutes. Write your 5 categories or "buckets" on a piece of paper. Start brainstorming ideas under each category that you could share images. Ex. Under my Personal Insta category, I share images of my family, my dog ( #dogsofinstagram ) and family adventures to cities, restaurants, festivals and events.
Having 5 categories and a couple of brainstormed ideas under each helps you to be organized and consistent with your feed. It removes the "what should I share?" You can stand back and look at your feed and realize, "it looks like I have not shared a book recommendation in awhile. Let me shoot the book I am reading now or a past favorite from my personal library or the actual library.