Quick Tips: Branding: Brand Fonts


Quick Tips is a series that is dedicated to educate readers in as few words as possible. No long drawn out posts that have you skimming for large headlines. Quick Tips gets to the point and lets you get on with your busy schedule!

Branding Tip 2: Brand Fonts

Like brand colors, brand fonts should be easy for your customers to identify. Stick to using 1-2 fonts, 3 at the most. Some designers do not use the fonts used in the logo, but I do. It is an easy way to remain visually consistent. Pair serif with a script font or a sans serif with a serif. The combination are endless.

BONUS TIP: Make sure one of your chosen fonts is legible for body copy (large chunks of text). You don't want your customers struggling to read your message. The second chosen font should be good for call out words or block quotes. Also, make sure you find web fonts (for website, blogs, social media) similar, if not the same, to your brand print fonts (brochures, business cards, magazine ads). Again, a way to keep your brand consistent across all platforms.