9 powerful ways to invest in your business this month

9 powerful ways to invest in your business this month - Vale Design

How did you invest in your business this month? Did you hear crickets when you asked yourself that question? If you are an entrepreneur, you should ALWAYS be investing time and money back into your business.

Here are 9 powerful ways to invest in your business right now this month:

1. Conferences & events

Conferences, business events, tribe meet ups, both local and national, are a great way for you to invest in your business. These events can range in cost, but that money is spent with the intention of learning, growing and expanding your customer reach.

These business events will:

  • put you in contact with real people
  • put you in direct contact with potential clients
  • you are able to learn from gifted speakers who are experts in their own respective fields
  • excellent place to network
  • build your own tribe which could lead to a mastermind group
  • push you out of your comfort zone...which is a good thing!

TIP: Make sure to listen intently during the question and answer portion of the speakers. Your potential clients may be asking questions that you are able to answer for them. They are giving you insight into their problems and issues. You do not need to email out a survey. They are right there in real life expressing problems. Can you find a way to solve those problems? Do you offer a service for their problems? Walk over to them, hand them a business card, your elevator pitch about your company and how you can help them right now.

2. Continue your education

You will NEVER know everything about your field, even if you have been in your field for an extended period of time. You should ALWAYS be open to continue to learn.

  • e-courses - are a convenient way to keep learning about a variety of subjects. They range in price and can be done at your convenience. Find people you respect, who offer these courses and research what you what like to learn before you commit to one or two courses.
  • books - are my favorite resource. You can purchase books with new exciting and challenging ideas in your field or hit up the library for older books that still have pillars of truth about business that never change.

TIP: Double Edge Sword: At some point, you will need to STOP the e-courses. Some people use e-courses as a way to procrastinate going out into the world and DOING THE THING. Set a limit for yourself and then get out there and USE that new knowledge. Learn then action.

3. "Artist's Dates"

If you are unfamiliar with the term "Artist's Dates," it is from author Julia Cameron and her book "The Artist's Way."

In her book, she challenges creative people to take some time out each week, maybe an hour, to spend time alone doing something fun and creative. This is time that is invested back into yourself doing something you love that will refill your creative tanks and your spirit.

If you think you do not have 1 hour a week to devote to yourself and your creative wellness, that might be a problem to explore. It is CRUCIAL for your business that you invest in self care.

The key is to participate in these dates ALONE. Enjoy some quiet time. Let your brain rest and digest. Let your brain be bored. Let your own ideas and creativity bubble back up to the surface naturally instead of being "wired" into everyone else's creativity.

Artist's Date ideas:

  • Take a yoga class
  • take a cooking class
  • go for a walk alone
  • read a book for an hour
  • journal
  • go to your favorite antique store
  • take a pottery class
  • photograph something
  • go into the city
  • go out into the country
  • go horseback riding
  • knit
  • bake or cook a new or favorite recipe
  • paint a picture
  • color in a coloring book
  • walk around a mall and window shop
  • sit at a coffee shop and observe people

4. Promote a current offering

Do you have a new offering you think your clients or potential clients would love? Remind people what your services and product offerings are.

Ways to remind clients what you do and what you offer:

  • promote on your blog
  • promote on social media
  • sign up for a business event where your services or products could be promoted
  • pair up with influencers or your tribe to group post about your offerings
  • utilize your email list
  • offering a discount if someone books or buys during a certain time period
  • offer a gift to accompany your offering when someone purchases
  • send out a mailer either printed or digital
  • offer to be a speaker at a business event and promote your offerings at the end

5. How to hire you

This one seems so simple, but you need to constantly be reminding people how to hire you or where they can buy your products.

  • Make your contact information clear and concise on your website. Do not bury your "Hire Me" or "Shop" in your navigation.
  • Add a "call to action" button on a blog or social media post. "Work with me" "Hire Me" "Now booking for (Month)" "Openings available in 2018."
  • At a business event, make sure you have business cards with preferred contact information on them and hand them out.

Remind people that you are a working' lady boss and you have services and products to offer!

6. Review your analytics

Do you know your numbers? Do you know what blog posts have been your most popular? Are you in touch or out of touch with your readers and potential clients? Review your analytics.

It is easy nowadays to set up analytics for your website, blog and social media. These analytics are broken down into many categories and offer powerful insights and data about how well your website or social media is performing.

This is a simple way to tap into what your potential clients are looking for and what is bringing them to your website. Review them maybe once a week or even once a month.

TIP: Review your numbers, but remember not to obsess over them. Keep doing your authentic thing and follow your passion.

7. Review monthly goals

The end of the month is a good time to review your business and personal goals. Did you meet those goals? Where did you fall short? Why? What can you try differently next month? Which goals did you excel past? What is one simple step you could take toward accomplishing your goals before the end of the month?

Action steps:

  • invoice a client
  • email an influencer you admire
  • introduce yourself and your business via email to a local business that would benefit from your services
  • set up a mastermind coffee date with a local entrepreneur and brainstorm ideas to help you each reach your goals
  • set up a Pinterest "goals" board - worksheets, action step and ideas to help you achieve your goals
  • pinterest board - vision board of how it will feel to reach your goals. Get into that mindset and those emotions right now.
  • take the next small step

8. Share ideas

Excited that you learned an awesome new business tip at a conference, through an e-course or at a mastermind coffee meet up? Chances are your potential clients and blog readers could benefit from that tip as well!

Share a post or social media image about that tip with others. If you do this enough, you will begin to establish yourself as an expert and people will return to your page for all of your helpful insights and expertise. You will begin to build trust and trust translates into clients.

9. Meet your real life community

Stop reading this post. Walk away from your computer, phone or device and go talk to a real person. Yes, a person! Find someone new to talk to.

  • Set up a once a month mastermind meet up at a local restaurant. Better yet, rotate to a new local restaurant each month. Meet the owners and the staff. Visit with the patrons. Let them know what your group is all about and are learning and striving to give back to your community.
  • Host a brunch or dinner for your spouse's co-workers. This is a great way to network and be supportive of your loved one all at the same time.
  • Volunteer at a place that interests you. Volunteering is a great gateway into meaningful work and meeting new clients.

There you have it. 9 powerful ways to invest in your business this month. What ways are you investing in your business or yourself?