Vale Design specializes in helping women entrepreneurs define, design and reinforce their brand through strategic, impactful website design and branding.

With over 19 years of experience, we have an expert eye to assess and design what a brand requires to remain visually consistent, attract new and exciting customers and establish their business as respected leaders in their industry.

Our creative process starts with research which translates into specific design solutions that help our clients feel comfortable, energized, and even challenged at times to think outside of their “brand box.”

Our passion is working with established businesses to create or re-design their brand and develop websites that speak directly to their ideal customers which increases their business revenue.


Why we ONLY work with women entrepreneurs

Our mission is to help as many women entrepreneurs as we can achieve and exceed their own business goals and dreams
so they can continue to financially support their families and
positively contribute to their local and international communities.

We want women to have the power and freedom to live life on their own terms.

3% of all profits are donated to charities and non-profits that support the enrichment, education, health and safety of women and young girls.


The Designer

Erin Vale is the creator and owner of Vale Design. She is a veteran designer with over 19 years of experience working with large and small businesses. She prides herself in not having a specific design style. She can successfully use her design expertise to visually bring any business vision to life. 

Her passion is to collaborate with fellow women entrepreneurs to create unique designs that set their businesses apart from the competition. She is excited to help each woman step into a renewed confidence as a legit business owner.


Her super powers include: (but are not limited to...)

1. being able to take in large amounts of written and visual information about a specific business and concisely organize it so that the essential elements are crystal clear to their ideal customer.

2. visually communicate those essential elements in a quick and easy manner so that an ideal customer can clearly identify the business's vision, messaging, products and services.

3. sleeping in until 10 am every Saturday morning :)


Erin is currently living in the Midwest with her family. She enjoys sappy Hallmark movies, chips and queso and taking naps. When she is not in front of a computer working, she is eating at the next great restaurant, exploring a new city with her husband and daughter and snuggling with her dog, Jasmine.